Jul 23, 2018
Top Rustic Wedding Venues (Wedding Reception) in Sydney

We shared our top modern wedding venues in Sydney in our previous post, and today we want to share the best rustic wedding venues. The rise of Pinterest and Instagram has allowed these kinds of wedding venues to come to the forefront and top everyone’s wish lists for dream rustic wedding. Here are our favourite rustic wedding venues in Sydney.

The Grounds

As one of the most well-known and Instagrammed places in the city, it’s no surprise that The Grounds would also be a great choice for a rustic wedding venue. With lots of beautiful flora, rustic details such as woodwork, and even an adorable piggy mascot, Bacon, we just had to include the Grounds on this list.

Things we like:

  • The styling of the place is just breathtaking - all weddings are styled by The Grounds Florist. No one knows their place better.
  • They are well known of its delicious food and the presentation of the food is amazing.
  • Their alley is quirky, decorated with a truck, phone booth, mover, etc. offers great backdrops for photos. Not to mention their well maintained garden and plants.
  • Have we mentioned Bacon, the famous pig? You don't need to leave the premises at all.
  • Can have both ceremony and reception at the same place. One of the few wedding venuesthat suitable for daytime and nighttime wedding ceremony. The atrium lit with fairy lights is simply beautiful for night wedding ceremony and for your first dance.
  • There is also a unique styled private room named 'Lock In' - perfect for a small party after an elopement or super intimate wedding reception.

Three Blue Ducks at Rosebery

With it’s stripped off brick walls, concrete floors, and lofty ceilings, Three Blue Ducks at Rosebery in Sydney’s inner-south provides the perfect setting for a rustic wedding. Part of the historic Cannery building, this rustic farmhouse diner has multiple spaces on the premises for both indoor and outdoor functions.

Things we like:

  • The rustic look with an industrial vibe and can be easily tailored to suit your wedding theme.
  • You don’t need to travel far for a rustic look. It’s located just less than 20 minutes from the CBD, which means the wedding couple will get more options for the wedding ceremony and wedding photography locations and your guests won’t need to travel far.
  • The hanging chandeliers, indoor plants, and the long table arrangements bring out the rustic settings to the industrial space.
  • Shared dining and enclosed environment is perfect for couples who fancy an intimate wedding.
  • The kitchen is headed by Andy Allen, a former Master Chef winner. Guests can be assured that the menu on any occasion will be second to none.

Sydney Dance Lounge

Exposed beams, a rustic look location at the historic Walsh Bay Precinct, and a view of the Harbour Bridge make the Sydney Dance Lounge stand out. The Lounge is a cafe in the daytime, and a restaurant in the evening. The industrial details from the building’s restoration combined with rustic elements such as a baby grand piano and festoon lighting make the venue a sweet and intimate place for a rustic wedding.

Things we like:

  • Warehouse converted function centre that offers industrial rustic look.
  • Split level design - offers an aerial angle for photography.
  • If you plan for a rustic wedding, you don't need to elaborately style this place to fit in your wedding theme.
  • Located in Walsh Bay - plenty of wedding photography options such as: The Rocks, Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Circular Quay, Dawes Point, and the city.
  • Plenty of nearby ceremony options - Observatory Hill, St Mary Cathedral, and St Thomas Church in North Sydney are just minutes away.

Gledswood Homestead & Winery

Gledswood Homestead is the ideal rustic country estate if your dream is to get married out in the open or in some kind of barn. The beautiful rustic backdrops of Gledswood Homestead mirrors that of Pinterest with exposed brick and wooden beams, lots of trees, and historic buildings. Gledswood Homestead also appeals as it is also a winery, so you know the wine selection will be top quality.

Things we like:

  • Multiple buildings on site give the look of an old country town - perfect for that rustic feel.
  • Plenty of options for photography at the premises - greenery as well as historical buildings.
  • Can organise some lawn games for the guests after the ceremony.
  • There is a winery on-site so there will definitely be some great wine choices for you to have at your reception, if you allow it.

Loxley on Bellbird Hill

Loxley on Bellbird Hill is located in the Blue Mountains area in Hawkesbury. With the look and feel of a large holiday home, it is the perfect rustic wedding venue for couples that want a feeling of comfort and hominess on their wedding day. Exposed wooden beams, a stone fireplace, and french doors make this country venue a romantic getaway for couples and their guests.

Things we like:

  • The country look and the mountains view.
  • Bridal party can get ready at the premises - beautiful bridal suite for the bride and cabin style lodge for the groom.
  • Plenty of scenic backdrops and hidden spots for rustic look photography.

    Ottimo House

    For another rustic wedding venue a little bit farther from Sydney city, Ottimo House in Denham Court was voted Sydney’s “Most Natural” wedding venue. Five hundred acres of eucalyptus trees, lush gardens, and a picturesque lake make this venue feel special as you are with your guests tucked away into the countryside. There are multiple places on the premises where you can host both your wedding ceremony and reception both indoors and outdoors, allowing the convenience of having your wedding all in one place.

    Things we like:

    • You can choose to get married in the rustic looking chapel or lawn at the premises or the local church for couple prefer a more formal ceremony.
    • Plenty of photo locations at the premises.
    • Split level of the reception hall offers aerial shots
    • You can organise lawn games for your guests during your bridal portraits session.

      Hopewood House

      The exclusive Hopewood House is a grand Victorian-era wedding venue in the Southern Highlands. To have a wedding here means that you are one of the few weddings that have been chosen to be hosted at Hopewood House. Lush gardens are all over the estate and indoor venues transport you and your guests to another era of elegance and class. If the place looks familiar to you, it's because the wedding of Emma & Lachlan from Wiggle was held at Hopewood House too!

      Things we like:

      • Located in Southern Highlands that offers rustic look with modern twist.
      • 'The Library' is a must go place for your location shoots.
      • You can organise lawn games for your guests while doing your bridal portraits.
      • Plenty of photo locations at the premises. 

        Centennial Park

        Centennial Park is a large, beautiful rustic wedding venue located right in the middle of the Sydney CBD. For people who love the city but still want their wedding to be a rustic dream, Centennial Park is close by. There are a large variety of spaces to host both your wedding ceremony and reception, and there are even cottages available for accommodation before or after your wedding as well. Because of the size of the Parklands, you can host weddings of any size here.

        Things we like:

        • 189 hectares of reserve that offer so many (and diverse) photography spots for your bridal portraits - gum trees, pine groves, willow trees, ponds, long grass at the paddock, etc. The only issue is we can't photograph all locations on your wedding day.
        • Both ceremony & reception can be held at the same place.
        • Wide open space allows for flexibility.
        • Pine groves offer country look even though it's located in the heart of Sydney CBD!

        Athol House

        Harbour views in North Sydney make Athol Hall one of the rustic wedding venues that can make you and your guests feel like they are in a completely different place while being in the middle of the city. Athol Hall as a heritage building gives the venue great character for people who want a more rustic and charming feel to their wedding.

        Things we like:

        • Located in Mosman - easy access to various great photoshoot locations like Gunners, Balmoral Beach, Bradleys Head, Clifton Gardens, etc
        • Both ceremony & reception at the same location - ceremony at the lawn overlooking the Sydney Harbour and can choose to have reception indoors or outdoors.
        • Indoor reception space provides a homey feel, looking like a rustic home on the outside and seating 130 people inside
        • Nearby ceremony locations include Bradleys Head Amphitheatre, The Rotunda at Balmoral Beach or Taronga Zoo across the street.

        View by Sydney

        This rustic wedding venue definitely lives up to its name - View by Sydney. It’s a waterfront venue with a close-up view of the Harbour Bridge. It bridges chic and rustic with the wood of the building outside and the exposed metal beams inside with a view of Sydney in the background. For people who love the water, you can also have up close views of the harbour.

        Things we like:

        • Warehouse converted function centre that offers industrial rustic look wedding venue.
        • Located in Walsh Bay - plenty of wedding photography options eg The Rocks, Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Circular Quay, Dawes Point, and the city.
        • Plenty of nearby wedding ceremony locations - Observatory Hill, St Mary Cathedral and St Thomas Church in North Sydney are just minutes away.
        • One of few rustic wedding venues that allows you to use sparklers for your send off.
        • If you feel the daytime photography is just not enough, you do have an option to get some night photography under the bridge or getting the Opera House in the backdrop.

        Private Estate

        If you happen to know anyone with the space to do so, you can always host your rustic wedding in your home or the home of someone close to you. If your dream is to have a backyard rustic wedding, having a wedding at a private estate can give you that and so much more. There are no limitations to how long you need to be there, what you can and cannot do, and (to an extent) the amount of guests you can have.

        Things we like:

        • If you would like to DIY your wedding, you can customise it completely to your style at a private estate.
        • Can save money - you can save thousands on venue hire if you have it at a loved one’s home.
        • Familiarity - there is a sense of comfort in knowing the ins and outs of a space already or even knowing that it is owned by your loved ones even if you’ve never been there before. You can trust that you will be taken care of.

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